Monday, March 2, 2009

More Monkeys

Dear Diary,

These are a few of the latest monkeys. I put them in the chair and they kind of settled in like that. I like the way the green one's expression turned out. I sold one I had made from the red heel socks at my antique mall spot for $18.50 but after commission and a 10% coupon was taken off it came to about $14.00. I think I'd rather give them to friends if that is all I'm gonna get. I took these four in and three others last Thursday. I call them not yo grandma's sock monkeys. We will see how they do.


June said...

Ohhhh they are superb !! How cute and cheeky and you are so clever to make these lil gems
Hugs June xx

Judy said...

Lisa! Put "NFD" on those sock monkeys! If I put in anything I have made, I mark it that way. "No Further Discount". Don't want to give up the 10% to the "company" and another 10% to a coupon holder or give up a bigger discount during a sale. You put lots of time into those so don't give it up so easily!

S. Belle said...

Those are the most colorful socks I have seen in a long time. Perfect for Monkeys. I think those are not yo daddys monkeys and they are suitable for family gifts.

Leslie said...

And they are most suitable as gifts for friends! I really like the expression on the lime green and black striped monkey with the belly button.

They are all so loveable! Just like you!!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Too stinkin' cute Lisa!

whymsicalmusings said...

I just love the updated colors who wouldn't love these precious monkeys!
It is so sad that our artwork earns so little but at least we can be happy creating!

whymsicalmusings said...

Lisa I love visiting your blog you have so much to share. Because of this I have nominated you for two awards! Visit my blog to get them:)