Thursday, April 23, 2009

Soldering Charms Class

Dear Diary,

This Friday will not be as much fun as last Friday! Last Friday night I took a Soldering Charm class from Josie
Cirincione at Mystic Paper. We learned how to solder found objects. The five charms we made are in the picture above. I plan on putting them on this necklace. After the class I was so fired up I bought everything I could from Mystic Paper to solder so that I can make a bunch of charms and fill that necklace up! The necklace I bought for $4.00 at Merchant's Square. I was disappointed that you can't solder plastic. I have a lot of interesting plastic "do hickeys". Apparently, it (plastic) melts. There was a fun group of ladies in the class and our teacher, was so good! she has even had a book published - Collage Lost and Found: Creating Unique Projects With Vintage Ephemera! I am going to be looking for that one! She had a cool looking necklace on that she had made that day. Her soldering was excellent. I have found a few things in my stash to solder. I want to really gaudy that string of beads up!!!! After I finish my exams (2 more to go) I AM going to take a day off for art! When I wear that necklace I will be jingling like Santa! (or the neighbor's cat).

Monday, April 13, 2009

He is still alive!

Dear Diary,

Jack made it through another hour! Still no antidote! He is showing signs of losing his memory and the doctor said he could go through some personality changes! What if he turns out to be like Harrison Ford in Regarding Henry? (What a sweet character, but, no hero)

Based on past shows, I really expect him to make a full recovery. What a man!

Hopefully I will have something "real" to post in the next few days. I have been working so hard at my on-line college classes and in school that I need a break from reality and Jack does provide that.

I'm taking a soldering class Friday night. (Do I need to worry about welding arcs?) We will be making charms. Any ideas on what little bits to take? I have been wanting to learn this for a long time. I can't wait. I want to make a necklace that will jingle like the neighbors cat when I walk!

I'm on Pins and Needles

Dear Diary,

I could hardly focus at school today and this afternoon is a waste. 24 is on tonight at eight. I don't know if ya'll know or not but Jack has been exposed to a pathogen. It is a deadly pathogen! He has already had to start giving himself injections of morphine to control his pain! The doctor told him they could only mask the symptoms! I don't know how he has had the where withal to continue to save the U.S. from bio terrorism. He is amazing. I am hoping that tonight they find an anecdote, I mean antidote. Hang in there Jack!

Envelope published in Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2008

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fairies. Wings, Hats, Crowns

Dear Diary,

I was reading Tumble Fish's Blog last night. It seems someone has brought up the old bullsh%$ about art with wings, hats, crowns, or caps! I think that subject has been beat to death. Either you like it or don't(just like any other art). I love it and I think that not every one can create this beautiful magical art and make it look so original. I love to see the masterpieces that Marsha creates and the original note cards in Becky's Whimsicalmusings' ETSY Store are too beautiful to send to any one ( I hoard mine instead of mailing them to friends).

When this "issue" was first discussed in Somerset Studios I wrote a letter to then editor Jenny Doh. I was shocked that the debate went on so long. I sent my letter in an envelope I had lovingly decorated with convicts with wings and hats. I'm not sure what the meaning was behind this - whether it was art can be original using wings and hats, crowns, etc. or even thugs can look precious with wings. I do know, that not all art is appreciated by all. But wouldn't it be nice for people to not be critical of art they don't prefer or maybe don't understand.

My envelope was published in the Somerset Studio letters to the editor but my words weren't.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Living the Dream!

Dear Diary,

The week before spring break, Buddy and I worked really hard cleaning out around the bushes and planting new flowers. Afterwards, I drank a cocktail while Buddy relaxed in the pool. What a life!

Patrick Carman

Dear Diary,

Patrick Carman, a funny man and great children's author, came to our school Thursday. He is so dreamy! The kids thoroughly enjoyed his talk! It was great because he writes for k-8th grade. He has a series for each age group. I loved seeing the kindergarteners' and first graders' faces light up when they saw the projected image of the cover of the book I read to them. One of the sixth graders that I sat by is usually pretty sullen but he was laughing so hard at a personal story Mr. Carman was telling them about that he was just about rolling on the floor. Patrick Carman has written a book for 5th graders and up called Skeleton Creek that is groundbreaking. It is part written and the other part is video that you access from the computer. I have read it and let me tell you it is scary! I read it at night and I swear the night I finished it I had nightmares. Let's just say it's a cliff hanger and the next book is not out until September. He did let me in on a little secret about the next book so I won't be as worried as I till the next book comes out.

Go Fish

Dear Diary,

Can you believe I get paid to play go fish and bingo with these fun guys! Some days it is really hard to let them win! We have been doing some reading and sounding out but that is not as much fun as sitting around, eating dry cereal, and playing cards. Unfortunately, my substituting gig is up! The real reading specialist will be back Monday!