Sunday, February 19, 2012

Impulse Buying

Dear Diary,

I went to San Diego this weekend to see baby sistah. We went shopping and did some impulse buying. She got some cute clothes and shoes. I bought some shoes - not impulsively. I needed them. One of my students told me my shoes were ugly and he was so right. They weren't comfortable either. These new shoes are comfortable. I find out at circle time,Tuesday if they are cute or not.

I regret impulsively putting some of my impulse items back on the shelf at TJ Maxx. I had picked up some paint splatter duct tape and a large rubber stamp. I did make it home with a night gown and a whistle that blows bubbles.

The night gown was great - so comfortable - but the whistle did not blow bubbles like the picture showed. They kind of dripped down the side of the whistle and got the cord all slimy. The sound of the whistle was not shrill enough either. I was disappointed.

On the drive back to Sistah's we saw a homeless person on the side of the road with her sign. I guess she was taking a break from begging because she was on her cell phone. We remarked that something wasn't right about a homeless person on a cell phone. Was the money she was given going toward her cell phone bill? What kind of coverage does she have? Is texting free because that can get expensive and who was she talking to? Sistah was curious, if she was indeed homeless where was her cell phone bill sent?