Friday, April 3, 2009

Patrick Carman

Dear Diary,

Patrick Carman, a funny man and great children's author, came to our school Thursday. He is so dreamy! The kids thoroughly enjoyed his talk! It was great because he writes for k-8th grade. He has a series for each age group. I loved seeing the kindergarteners' and first graders' faces light up when they saw the projected image of the cover of the book I read to them. One of the sixth graders that I sat by is usually pretty sullen but he was laughing so hard at a personal story Mr. Carman was telling them about that he was just about rolling on the floor. Patrick Carman has written a book for 5th graders and up called Skeleton Creek that is groundbreaking. It is part written and the other part is video that you access from the computer. I have read it and let me tell you it is scary! I read it at night and I swear the night I finished it I had nightmares. Let's just say it's a cliff hanger and the next book is not out until September. He did let me in on a little secret about the next book so I won't be as worried as I till the next book comes out.

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