Friday, April 3, 2009

Living the Dream!

Dear Diary,

The week before spring break, Buddy and I worked really hard cleaning out around the bushes and planting new flowers. Afterwards, I drank a cocktail while Buddy relaxed in the pool. What a life!


Sarah said...

Looks like Buddy has a pretty rough life!

whymsicalmusings said...

Lisa this looks BEAUTIFUL! I want to come to your house to play:)

House of Hullabaloo said...

You are welcome anytime! You could give me private art lessons too!

~Vintage Nina~ said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for joining my giveaway, and leaving a sweet comment. What a wonderful life you have. I can see you love teaching and all your kids......that is so nice. Buddy is a looks like you both are enjoying life.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Unfortunately my dogs saw the picture of Buddy and they have put themselves up for adoption. But only to Buddy's mom!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I am putting myself up for adoption. I will do whatever Buddy does to earn his keep. I promise.