Thursday, April 23, 2009

Soldering Charms Class

Dear Diary,

This Friday will not be as much fun as last Friday! Last Friday night I took a Soldering Charm class from Josie
Cirincione at Mystic Paper. We learned how to solder found objects. The five charms we made are in the picture above. I plan on putting them on this necklace. After the class I was so fired up I bought everything I could from Mystic Paper to solder so that I can make a bunch of charms and fill that necklace up! The necklace I bought for $4.00 at Merchant's Square. I was disappointed that you can't solder plastic. I have a lot of interesting plastic "do hickeys". Apparently, it (plastic) melts. There was a fun group of ladies in the class and our teacher, was so good! she has even had a book published - Collage Lost and Found: Creating Unique Projects With Vintage Ephemera! I am going to be looking for that one! She had a cool looking necklace on that she had made that day. Her soldering was excellent. I have found a few things in my stash to solder. I want to really gaudy that string of beads up!!!! After I finish my exams (2 more to go) I AM going to take a day off for art! When I wear that necklace I will be jingling like Santa! (or the neighbor's cat).


Sarah said...

Your charms are fantastic! What a fun necklace that will be. I have to say that I am somewhat envious of your new-found talent!! I want to solder, too!!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I am jealous. I wish I lived near Mystic Paper cuz it always sounds like the perfect place to be and learn and everyone always sounds so fun.

Your charms are gorgeous! And they look perfect with that beaded necklace - it is an antique? It looks very vintage and fabulous. It sounds like you can have lots of fun with what you've learned (and bought!). I have the book and it's great!

Enjoy your weekend and new found talent!


Flippinpest said...

These look fabulous! I was looking for miniframes on the internet to put photos in. How great to make your own!

eclectic archivist said...

Your charms are the necklace!

Judy said...

Hey Lisa! I took the same class last Saturday! Had fun and really enjoyed it. Check my blog! I think I may take another class later on and then buy the equipment. Right now I am "into" collage camp with KC Willis.

Anonymous said...

You did such a good job Miss Lisa!
I'm glad you had fun on your birthday trip! Happy belated Birthday!