Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fairies. Wings, Hats, Crowns

Dear Diary,

I was reading Tumble Fish's Blog last night. It seems someone has brought up the old bullsh%$ about art with wings, hats, crowns, or caps! I think that subject has been beat to death. Either you like it or don't(just like any other art). I love it and I think that not every one can create this beautiful magical art and make it look so original. I love to see the masterpieces that Marsha creates and the original note cards in Becky's Whimsicalmusings' ETSY Store are too beautiful to send to any one ( I hoard mine instead of mailing them to friends).

When this "issue" was first discussed in Somerset Studios I wrote a letter to then editor Jenny Doh. I was shocked that the debate went on so long. I sent my letter in an envelope I had lovingly decorated with convicts with wings and hats. I'm not sure what the meaning was behind this - whether it was art can be original using wings and hats, crowns, etc. or even thugs can look precious with wings. I do know, that not all art is appreciated by all. But wouldn't it be nice for people to not be critical of art they don't prefer or maybe don't understand.

My envelope was published in the Somerset Studio letters to the editor but my words weren't.


Flippinpest said...

Art has always been aboput taste. You either like certain art or you dont. It would be a sad world if we all liked the same things. Individuality rules!

June said...

You certainly do it well my friend !! Great work and i always think fun and beautiful
Hugs June xxx

Leslie said...

I love your envelope with the convicts! It perfectly demonstrates your wry sense of humor!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I am so behind in my blog visiting with my recent tax saga taking up my time. I wanted to get over and see this much sooner, but feeling much more relaxed and over the shock of things tonight, I enjoyed it even more! I needed this post and these pictures. I especially enjoyed "even thugs can look precious with wings" - I so agree. Wings make everyone look better, more finished and refined. I swear I would wear them everyday if I could get away with it and not locked up. I love these pix! I really do. I once went to a party with Nick Nolte and he showed up in his pajamas, literally, and about as attractive as his mug shot you used. What a strange man. I digress. Anyway, thank you sista for your support. You always make my day!