Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jenny C and Sixth Grade Sock Monkeys

Dear Diary,

No this is not a picture of a successful plus size model. This is actually a picture of me with one of the students I had the pleasure of working with before Christmas. She wanted a monkey so of course I needed to make her one. But that's not the reason for this picture. Can you believe how hefty I am! I would just say I'm big boned but that won't fly. There is too much meat on those bones! I forgot to do my hide the double chin pose! The other amazing thing about this picture is that this young lady snarled at me the first week or so I worked with her and she would dodge me if I tried to hug her and look at her now. I swear I could run away and join the circus and be a lion tamer.

The real reason for posting this picture is because I'm coming clean - I met up with my old friend Jenny three weeks ago and decided to call a truce. Her plan has changed a bit but I think for the better. Time will tell. The food is good but it is only enough for a skinny girl! The meal I had tonight had only four tiny pieces of chicken in it. Please tell me that is not a true portion. Why, I used to eat half a fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

I wasn't going to blog about it but it is bothering me that every time I go in they want to sell me something extra! Today was the ultimate though! She tried to sell me some package of goodies that included these shiny, pretty, inspirational rocks that I could put in my pocket and rub when I needed a little extra focus to stay on track to lose weight. I told her that I could remind myself for free by just reaching around and slapping my fat ass.

Dear Diary,

I know I've been chatting alot lately about monkeys but there is just so much to say about them! This year all four classes of sixth graders made sock monkeys. This is one of the students with his. This young man is the best! You can tell by his monkey that he has a great personality. He is quite the talker. He talks fast too. I can't keep up with him! I had to do "emergency surgery" on his monkey. His tail fell off and his leg and arm were split. He was losing stuffing fast! But as you can see in the picture, I'm proud to say he pulled through!


Sarah said...

Another wonderful project!

Please send details on the hide the double chin pose!!!

eclectic archivist said...

Great pictures of you and the kids.

PS...I left you something on my blog.

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh My Goodness listen to you! You are beautiful! Inside and out:) I have a rounder than I would like physic also! I have been on every diet and tried doctors ect! I have a condition called PCOS so I have a terrible time losing weight. I have decided as long as I eat healthy, exercise and try not to be to stressed I am the best that I can be.
I often say when I die and am resurrected my body will look just like it does now because that is how God made me:)
Find happiness in who you are and the friendship and joy you give to others.

Also the monkeys are wonderful! What a precious precious gift you have given these sweet children.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Your sock monkey's are so, so cute. You look great and the little girl needs to smile! A great smile is worth everything!

Judy said...

The monkeys are wonderful! What great stories about the children. About the stones/rocks. Who needs to carry around more weight?? At WW we used to make necklaces out of paperclips -- one clip for each pound lost. That sounds like a better idea and much lighter!! LOL!! Good luck with the Jenny routine! I should be there with you doing the same thing! LOL!!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi there! I am so behind in my blog visiting, not really by choice of course. So, it is nice to have a chance and visit old blog buddies.

I love the sock monkey projects! How wonderful are you! Moves the heart and stirs the soul.

I agree with Becky! Your are a beautiful lady and way too hard on yourself! I have turned into a pear on lumpy logs. The fact is, no one is ever happy with their body which is such a shame. You look healthy and vibrant and lovely. As long as you feel like you're healthy and vibrant and lovely, pish posh on the rest of it! I have to say though, while I was at my dad's some interesting things happened diet and weight wise. I lost weight. I think I lost it because they eat a healthy breakfast and their big meal around 2 in the afternoon and a very light snack at dinner. I didn't eat any fast food, no soda, and no alcohol. I enjoy my couple of cokes everyday and a couple of beers most evenings and what a difference it made to live without them. Did it hold once I got home? Of course not, but I am thinking about it at least! Anyhoo, good luck in doing what you want to do, and not just what you think you're supposed to do. I support you just as you are and in whatever endeavor you take on!

Have a great weekend! I've missed you!