Sunday, August 2, 2009

Self Portrait

Dear Diary,

I've been working on my portrait piece, well the background anyway. I am having trouble committing to an image of myself. It's not like I haven't done a portrait of myself before....As you can see from all of the above - I've done Picasso, Matisse, and Munch. But I can't decide what I look like and feel like right now, so I can't begin. I can't decide. It is driving me crazy! It is like being on the feminine products aisle at the grocery store. Same feeling! They are all KOTEX but some or small, some are large, some are long, some are for thongs, some are absorbent, some are light, some even have overnight protection. They have different names and different packages but they are still Kotex to me. Well, I'm tired of being Kotex. I really want to be glamorous and mysterious. (Like a tampon). But in this heat my makeup runs and I have always told every thing I know so that is impossible.

I do know that beauty is within (since I was the guest speaker on that subject) so maybe I'll do a little play on that. Maybe I'll take that picture my sista took of me on my birthday in Savannah and then put one of those medical naked bodies on the bottom (but cover over everything that is not for children's eyes) and there where the heart is - I'll put a heart shape and where the liver is I'll put something nice, and where the kidney is I'll put something pretty etc. Well that is one idea. Maybe ya'll can give me some more!

If you can't find me tomorrow, I may be in the cemetery. Cemeterys are supposed to help with commitment problems. Maybe if I hang out in the cemetery long enough I can decide what to do!

Years ago, (about twenty) I was reading all of these relationship books. One of the chapters was how to get a man to commit to you. I'll never forget what I read on this subject and believe me I have forgotten a lot. This book said to take your lover to the cemetery. The cemetery's atmosphere would put him in a certain mood that would make him reflect on his morality I mean, his mortality. When faced with the idea of death he decides that he can not live without you and may even propose on the spot. I had a friend that's boyfriend would not commit. I gave her this advice but don't know if she acted on it. He did eventually propose, but I digress.

It is getting late and I'm making too big a deal about this. I will finish this portrait before 11:00 am tomorrow (because I'm meeting my teacher for lunch!) and I will post the finished product later!


Leslie said...

What about a Frida self-portrait...though I don't see how you could improve on your Picasso-inspired one!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I love the finished collage piece and I thought it was finished before!

Your portraits are wonderful, each one! But I love what you wrote (never thought of a tampon as glamorous and mysterious but now am kinda catching on to that idea) Your description of your idea reminds me of a piece I just did (Divine Susan) using Boticelli's Venus body. You can google it and find images you can use without copyright problems or I can email you one. I'd say use your own body (as if you have naked pix of yourself about - not that you do or don't . . . hee hee but judging by the underwear on your head, you never know) but I think you'd feel less naked if it was a different body - even movie stars have body doubles for such projects! Oh I can't wait to see what you decided upon. I like them all! Maybe a game of eeny meany miney moe?

Michele said...

You are too funny! I wanna be glamorous and mysterious like a tampon too! Somehow I don't think I am. :)

Btw I love your Munch self portrait. I think mine would have to have the same background, as I'm all about chocolate all the time. I get excited just thinking about my next piece of chocolate... but I digress.

I do like your idea though about the science body with pretty organs. Give it some bling! Seems like you could have a lot of fun with that idea.

Oh and have fun in the cemetery, hope it cures you of your commitment-itis. I often have that myself when trying to decide on something. Even if it's something simple like what to eat for dinner. :)

As usual your blog was a delight to read and had me laughing out loud. Again.

eclectic archivist said...

How about your "Maggie the Cat" body?

ATCLaura said...

These are great!