Sunday, August 16, 2009

Altered Cabinet Card

Dear Diary,

I am finally posting a picture of one of the pieces of art I made at Art Unraveled. I took this class from Sylvia Luna, aka Silver Moon. I have been wanting to take a class from her for years!

It was just fabulous! She gave us lots of stuff to take home and taught us some great techniques. I am still putting stuff on this photo! I may never finish. Sylvia said something during that class that I have to quote. She said something about the difference between a crafter and an artist was the artist (now here is where my memory fails me and this is the kicker part of the quote!) something like the artist ties it all together or makes it look finished or something like that. Anyway, It was an impressive thought and I should have written it down.

My sista Lucy says stuff all the time that I wish I would write down. She is very clever and witty. She coined the phrase "Crap Fair" instead of Craft Fair. You can always find wooden Tater boxes at crap fairs. When I taught pre-school back when Ian and Elizabeth were 4 and 5, I could make anything you could imagine out of a toilet paper roll and a paper plate. I've gotten spoiled.


eclectic archivist said...

Too cool!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Cool is right! Exceptionally cool! Makes my work look a lot more bare than it already is! Wow! I need to take that class! I would venture to say this is UBER cool even! And lovely too!

LuvMyPets said...

Wanna trade? lol