Monday, August 3, 2009

Next Step

Dear Diary,

Well, I got the next step done. I tore strips of old pattern pieces and glued them on in the shape of a head. I think I'll skip the body. I wasn't thinking last night. I had temporarily forgotten how creeped out Jr. High students can get by older people. I better make this piece pretty tame and 12 to 13 year old friendly. Leslie, I'll try to Frida myself tomorrow and see how that turns out.


Tumble Fish Studio said...

There's more! I keep thinking it's done and you add more deliciousness! Yeah, I guess naked pix of you wasn't such a good idea for Jr. High kids. Sorry about that! Can't wait until YOU say it's done! hee hee It's wonderful!

Sandy said...

It's so true about the jr.s, but they also get freeked out if somebody looks at them weird. This is making me want to pull out a new project. Can't wait to see more- I liked the picasso art self!