Sunday, August 30, 2009

Buffalo Chip Cookies

Dear Diary,

I finally finished another page of the cookbook! Patty's classes are really helping me get my act together on this project. She has some great ideas and wonderful examples she brings to class. Plus at the first class she gave us this beautiful book and has been giving us pages to add to it every class. The last one was about making the prettiest little lace flowers. I can put those on my Monkeys and Dolls too! One piece of advise she gave me was to know what book form the recipes will be in before I start. I wish I had listened. I bought a scrap book at Tuesday Morning. Last class, Patty showed me how I could put them in the book with out losing some of the page. I worked on this yesterday. It worked but the scrap book I bought doesn't lay right. I'm not worried. Patty will help me figure something out! I really enjoy being in her Heritage scrap booking Class at Mystic Paper and suffer terrible Patty withdrawals when we don't meet regularly.

Ian and I made about 300 of these cookies when he was in sixth grade for his Worlds Fair project. He wanted me to make Mongolian beef but I wasn't sure if that dish originated there and anyway - everybody likes cookies!


eclectic archivist said...

Lisa this turned out the flowers you added! Your book is going to be amazing. Yes it is time for another class

Esther said...

Lisa, Do you plan on selling these cookbooks? I think you have to! It will be the most inventive and creative cookbook EVER!

House of Hullabaloo said...

Esther! You are funny!

Michele said...

I still love this cookbook idea! I swear I will have to do it one day. BTW love the Mongolian boy (your son I assume?) and the buffalo in the background. Too funny!