Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today was a good day!

Dear Diary,

What a great day today was!

First, I checked my blog this morning and I had gotten a post from June @

Her message read:
Brilliant as always. I so love your blog Lisa and to prove it ...
Stop by here
And see what is there :)
Hugs June x

She has several blogs, but on this one she is going to feature other peoples blogs and I am first!!! That will be an interesting blog to follow because I don't get a chance to check out new blogs too often. Now June can screen them for me. Thanks you June! I am so flattered.

Second, I checked my email and I had one from little sista, Janice. She had a different version to the "choking story". All she wrote goes as follows in her own words:

"I thought he said we were almost home and she could get a drink of water there".

Haven't heard from the older sista, Lucy yet. But I think I'll start haunting the Goodwill stores for some kind of medal for her. Maybe we should have an awards ceremony at the next sista's reunion. Maybe I'll start looking for four shirts that match so we can wear them simultaneously (great vocabulary word!). I'll get Hero monogrammed on the back of Lucy's, Choking Victim on Sarah Ann's , and Hand Wringers on mine and Janice's.

Better idea - I'll buy a pack of Hanes white Men's t-shirts and get a black sharpie to write on them! That will leave more money in the budget for drinks and snacks!


Leslie said...

June obviously knows quality art when she sees it! What a nice tribute to you, Lisa!

Kay said...

Lisa, I've just found your blog and I plan to be a constant follower. I've found myself belly laughing at the sister's different perspectives re: the orange story. I am one of four sisters. One of my younger sisters and I share the same birthday. We were all perched across the back seat on our Sunday drives, we correct each others memories, and we are best friends. I feel a connection here.

eclectic archivist said...

I'm the oldest sister in my family and both of my younger sisters have a distorted view of reality!

June said...

Oh I love your writing :) Fabulous. And its always nice to have a good day too
Hugs June xxxx