Thursday, January 29, 2009

This one is giving me trouble! Here I am going through menopause and I have to deal with this! I don't know if you all know but I was going to take the year off and substitute and become a real life artist but instead I decided I had too much time on my hands so I would go back to school and become a teacher. Well, the teacher certification program is through an on-line college so there goes the back to school clothes and how am I going to threaten the kids and husband about leaving home and living in the dorm?

ELIZABETH has decided to become a vegan. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I'm worried that she is not getting enough protein! At our house we have always been carnivores! I have done everything I can to sabotage this trend of hers. I ordered sausage, pepperoni. and mushroom pizza yesterday and today she confessed to eating two pieces. She ate at her friends house the other night and they had tacos! Tonight she went to a "European Thing" at school and she ate there. (hopefully she doesn't get mad cow disease) I know that this is just a half assed commitment. Frank and I are hoping we will be able to understand her complicated self before she becomes 18. Sorry Momma and Daddy for everything I did to upset you when I was 15!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

I know exactly what you're going through! Well, sort of, I have a 15 year old daughter too. She is not a vegan, but is "in love" with a 16 year old, the 6'4" cute blonde boy I have written about before. And she is very determined and with a mind of her own. She is a big athlete so food is not a problem - she eats us out of groceries but she is very trim and svelt and muscular - killer body that freaks me out because men that are far too old are always checking her out. We argue about jeans more than anything else and only when we're shopping for them. Hopefully, we are both missing the really awful teenage daughter stuff we've heard about. Cheers to our firecracker girls! Your daughter is beautiful and seems older than 15! Maybe that's the problem with you too!

June said...

hehehe ... Oh she will be fine just crush a coupla vitamin supplements in her nut roast hehehe ... seriously i was veggie for 15 years and as long as she is eating plenty of veggies, cereal,nuts and seeds she will be fine. I once had a lack of iron but soon got back on track by eating lots of iron rich foods

Hugs June x

Judy said...

Judging from your last sentence I wondered if your parents said anything about "paybacks". And are they giving you a knowing smile?

As a parent of a child who now has children of his own, I often say "paybacks are tough." And I laugh -- to which he often says, "It isn't funny, Mom." Oh yes, it is! However, I then reply "This, too, shall pass." That has been my mantra for years! And pass it does!

Leslie said...

Elizabeth is beautiful! She's grown so very much since I've seen her in person. As for the vegan part...I've given it some thought myself. I started thinking about it way back when you had that big pet pig named Amos. I really hate to think about how he ended up. [Sigh!] I still eat poultry and fish, though. But pulled pork barbeque? Not if I think about you and Amos and how you once had to feed him Double Stuff Oreos. He was almost human!