Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trick Flip Book

Dear Diary,

I have been wanting to make an art journal or some sort of small collage book for awhile. I don't have time to make really big projects since I am enrolled in online college! But oh how I have missed getting glue on my fingers. I am planning on punching holes in the tops of these (They are actually 2 pieces front and back) and making a 3 ring book full. I bought a seven gypsies 3 ring thingy at Mystic Paper.

I screwed these up because I didn't think about flipping them when I made them. The one on the back will be upside down. I told my little sista about it. She gave me some great advice. "It can be a trick book".

The second flip picture is politically uncorrect. I now know that a rug is oriental not a person but as a child I didn't get out much. Please note that the freak in the tree is not a real freak but an actress playing a freak. When my sistas and I were about this age we were scarred for life. Daddy took us to a few freak shows at the Lowndes County Fair and frankly we have never gotten over it. I love the picture of the lady and her dog. She and I have so much in common. We do love our dogs. My Buddy will be staying at the Islands Pet Resort while we are on vacation. I miss him already!


whymsicalmusings said...

Oh my goodness this is simply wonderful!
All of the pages so filled with memories.

And who pulled your hair that tight? My grandmother used to french braid my Hair on Saturday evening. She pulled it so tight for at least 3 or more days I looked oriental to! (Even though that really is a rug no better way to describe it)TEE HEE

On Saturday evening when we would go to visit her my Mother would take it down and wash it and then my Grandmother would braid it again while wet for the next week! In the summer when I swam I don't remember it being braided it hung to my hiney I guess that is why my Mother kept it braided so tightly:)

Isn't it funny what you and your siblings remember as children and what really sticks with you!

Have a magical evening.

Esther said...

Hi Lisa,
Wondering your sista has her hands wrapped around Sarah Ann's neck! When are you coming to visit San Diego? You can come and give our office a motivational speech. We have women's appreciation day every Friday.
Take care! Esther

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I could have sworn I commented this the other night. Did I dream it? This is so lovely and such a great idea. Your work is so full of stories - I love imagining some and then reading the real story behind something you make. Your stories are as good as your art and both lovely and endearing and speak to my heart and some sense of humor that relates to family love and goofiness. I don't know how quite to word it. Anyway, I very much enjoyed this post.

I'm a bit behind and still not home. It may be awhile before I am home for a good long while and in a good routine. Until then, hope you are enjoying your summer (classes and all)!


eclectic archivist said...

Love the "flip" book!