Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fabulous Vacation

Dear Diary,

We are back from our fabulous vacation. I am still sweating grease. You would not believe all the "All you can Eat" fried food I ate on my 2009 summer vacation! We flew in to New Orleans, spent the night and drove to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The beach and water were beautiful! But, there were no shells to be found. But thats all right. We stayed at the Waterscape. It was huge and tall and had a lazy river. There were alot of families there with crying babies and young overtired children.

Next, we drove up to Aberdeen, Mississippi. We stayed a few days with my parents. One of Ian's friends came with us. We stopped and bought fireworks before we got there so the boys bought 100's of bottle rockets. I was afraid someone was going to return home with a hook arm. Boom, Boom, Boom, was all we heard for two days. They were modifying them and getting more dangerously creative with each explosion and that was under adult supervision!

We went to New Orleans again after we left Mississippi. Frank and I managed to get to go alone to our favorite restaurant. I didn't actually go hunting for Orbs but I did photograph one there at the restaurant. I took John and Elizabeth to the Garden District. We had a good time walking around and looking. It was just beautiful.

For the first time, we stayed in the Warehouse District. The kids and I stumbled into a bar/restaurant for lunch there that had frighteningly large amounts of local color. On a positive note, their mac and cheese was better than Paula Deen's. Frank took Ian and Toan to the WWII museum. It is new and air conditioned. They enjoyed it.

In the past we have spent most of our time in the French Quarter. My husband loves Bourbon Street. He doesn't mind the stench of stale beer and vomit. It just adds to the charm.

It is good to be home.


Anonymous said...

Your vacation took me on a wonderful journey, even the stale beer and vomit smells came alive!

beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp

House of Hullabaloo said...
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House of Hullabaloo said...

Sorry about that, Stale beer and vomit smell - Susan!


Sarah said...

Oh, Lisa, I came back with a whole box of beautiful shells...even whole sand dollars. I guess I should have told you about that instead of the restaurants! LOL Sounds like you had fun. Did you eat too much?

Paris Cowgirl said...

stale beer and vomit...hmmmm that's exactly what I thought when I was there. Aren't the cemeteries amazing? Or is that weird?