Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Psychology sucks too!


Dear Diary,

I don't know much about Psychology except that I like the idea of it I just don't want to study it. I don't mind being analyzed as long as the analyzer says something about me that is flattering. One of my special talents is giving advise and analyzing others. My children have heard and heeded my advise for years. Some of my regular good advise is Brush your teeth! Wash your face! Make sure your battery is charged on your phone! Drink plenty of water! Other favorites are "Well, I wouldn't want to be their friend anyway!" "Hickeys are trashy!" "Girls don't like boys with B.O."

It's the book learning part of Psychology that sucks. I had my mid term exam in Educational Psychology today. There was so much material I had to know for this exam. Too much about cognition and morality. Hey, I'm inspired. Think I'll go create something immoral!

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eclectic archivist said...

The question is...are you going to be sharing this immoral creation on your blog for all to enjoy?