Sunday, May 24, 2009

Guest Speaker

Dear Diary,

I can add guest speaker to my resume. I was the special honored guest of 45 third graders last week. They have been studying about the south and the Civil War and wanted a first hand account on the subject. I could never be a paid guest speaker because I get off track easily and talk about what I want to talk about and not necessarily what I have been asked to talk about. I started out telling them about slavery and the hard work they had to do in the fields , plus the long hours and the restricted diet of corn meal and bacon or fish. But then I got side tracked. I had my Lowndes County book with the beautiful antebellum homes and showed those to the children and told them lively stories of my youth and experiences at and about the different homes. Frankly. they were mesmerized! One child asked me if I lived back then! Oh did I ever honey! Yes I lived well and had so much fun! But not during the Civil War, the war ended in 1865 and I was born in 1957. We later ate cornbread, cheese grits, Mississippi Mud cake, and strawberries with whipped cream (in honor of Leslie) I could understand when some of the children refused the grits but the whipped cream? What is wrong with the children of today?


eclectic archivist said...

Mississippi Mud Cake with whip cream...yum!
I would have loved to hear your stories

Esther said...

Hi Lisa,
I work with your sister, Sarah Ann. Your blog site cracks me up!!!! You are a very talented writer.
-your fan,

House of Hullabaloo said...


I feel like I know you! Sarah Ann has told me about how fun you are. I had fun playing with that fabulous Halloween picture of yours!!! We will have to go out for lunch next time I'm in San Diego. I'll have to warn you though - There may be a scene. I get mistaken for Sarah Ann's mother often!!!

Esther said...

Hi Lisa,
That would be awesome! We can take you to Babette Schwartz (ask Sarah Ann about that place). I got tripped by a goblin when I was walking with Sarah Ann - I think she pushed me. You might check with Lucy - was she walking with Sarah Ann? Have a great week!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Can you be a guest speaker at Mystic Paper sometime? You crack us up! You can tell a story like no one else!