Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Diary,

I printed this top picture for TumbleFish, this is the church that Forest Gump's feather floated across. I have watched that movie so many times I have memorized most of the lines. She told me her husband tossed the rocks at Jennie's shack house!

Oglethorpe had to be great to carry the name. They faced his statue toward his enemies - interesting!

Several of the houses they showed us on the tour had Iron gingerbread, bric a brac, accents. You could tell from the rust stains running down the fronts of the houses.

Who is Jacob? I'm lost!


whymsicalmusings said...

This looks like a fun adventure! Thank you for sharing.

eclectic archivist said...

What a great trip! Good luck with your exams.
I left you something on my blog...pass it on!

Judy said...

As soon as I saw the first picture I knew it was Savannah. See the comment I left on the May 11th blog.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I am so behind and I've missed so much from you! Loved the Forest Gump reference - had to quiz my hubby and see if he recognized it. He has the movie memorized too and has more stories to tell that I will share someday. But, so you know, the feather is not real until just before it lands on Forest's foot. It is animated and never actually a feather until it lands there. My husband was operating the camera cranes that shot all of that sequence until they rigged the feather to land on his foot. Oh the things they can do.

Anyway, it looks like you had a wonderful trip. Happy Birthday late! I am so sorry I missed telling you sooner! You do look so happy (and very lovely) in your picture. I loved reading every detail of the posts below - even the graveyard stories. I am about to leave for Missouri for my dad's to be with him during the last surgery and we are going to go on Memorial Day and visit all of the country cemeteries where my ancestors are buried. We used to do this when I was a child and we visited my grandparents. It is a fun day of picnicking and bringing fresh flowers and telling stories. So I look forward to it. It has been many many years since I've got to go.

What exams are you taking? I've missed something. Hope it is all going well and I look forward to reading about all of the fun things you'll do when you're done. Hope your sisters are all good too. I love reading the stories you share about them.