Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sisters Beeswax with alcohol ink and acrylic

This is what I made in "The Amazing Wax Man" Mike's class. It is a picture of my younger sister Janice and me the day our father dressed us. Momma must have been in the hospital having a baby because on the back of the picture my Dad wrote a note about how he is the one that picked out our clothes that day and I guess it was such a big deal and he had probably never done it before he needed to capture the memory with a picture. This is one of my favorite pictures of Janice. She has such a happy look on her face!

We learned how to use alcohol ink with bees wax in the class. I wish I could remember how I mixed those colors like that. I love alcohol ink and want to take another class on how to use them soon!


Sarah said...

Oh, I like this!!! Good story too! I wish I could take one of Mike's classes...lucky you!

eclectic archivist said...

Hey Lisa, I have an award for you on my blog.


Flippinpest said...

Amazing project! i would like to take one of Mikes classes too but its a bit far to travel lol

June said...

Awesome !!! So excellent and that background is to die for !!
Hugs June xxx

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Gorgeous! You need to send this one to Somerset Studio for their sisters challenge - due Feb. 15th. It's a sure hit! Love it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

S. Belle said...

your sister is quite the beauty!

I have seen this in live person and it looks fantastic.