Sunday, November 23, 2008

Attempt at Beeswax Collage

Dear Diary,

I took a beeswax class from "The Amazing Wax Man " Mike Putman. He does such fabulous beeswax collage art. Afterwards I was so inspired that I drove down to goodwill and bought an iron and a crock pot so I could "bee" a cool artist like Mike. I made a few awful looking pieces then put my new purchases away. Then "The Amazing Wax Man" offered another class! I borrowed some of his ideas from that class to make this collage. My friend in Columbus - Leslie, also makes wonderful collages with beautiful papers and old family photos so I borrowed from her also. I really wanted to do something personal so I used my Momma and Daddy's old pictures. The piece is mounted on a 5x7 board but I couldn't find a frame to fit so I decided to mount it onto another board covered in scrap book paper. I can't decide whether I should beeswax that paper or not. ( any advise out there?) then trim it to fit inside the frame. Mike had distressed some metal pieces that really looked good but I can't remember how he did it so I just had to wing it when it came to distressing mine. I got the 3-D pieces from Mystic Paper. I love that store and I love Kim and Jennifer! I just have to visit them if I'm down to get recharged.

I sure wish I could remember how to link a name to a site. I would have linked Mystic Paper. How do I do that?


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Did someone answer your linking question? If not, when you are writing your post, in the toolbar is a little chain link, you click that and a little window comes up for you to paste the link in. I usually have my blogs going in different windows so I can be posting in one window and quickly go to another tab to get the blog I want to link. The part you want to copy is what shows up in the url bar at the very top of your internet window when you're on the site you want to link. Just highlight it, hit ctrl and c at the same time, go to your post where you're wanting to link someone, hit the little chain link in the tool bar, the window pops up, hit ctrl v and it pastes the last thing you copied in the space and voila! (is that how you spell that?)

Wish I lived closer, would have loved to take that class. The work looks lovely.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

p.s. forgot this part - in the post you are writing you have to type who you want to link (like if you're writing about Paper Whimsy you type that in, go back and highlight it THEN hit the chain link in the toolbar above the post you're writing. Try it out.

AimeeInOhio said...

Your collage is lovely. Mike is a great guy, isn;t he!! I'd love to take a class from him.

I would NOT beeswax the paper that is going behind the collage. I like the difference.