Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome to Nevada

Dear Diary,

Do you think man landed on the moon or staged the whole thing in Nevada? I was wondering one day what it would be like if moon creatures picked up the moon landing on satellite.

We had spring break last week! My self acclaimed best friend from Mississippi and I went to Sedona, Arizona, for three nights and four days. Let me tell you, it was fabulous! Thankfully, we weren't caught on video for Girls (with thick waists, and saggy boobs but great personalities) Gone Wild! There has got to be something to those vortexes! I was so relaxed even though my fourteen year old son and one of his fun, goofy, friends went with us. I told Jennie before I left to not even think I was going to stay on the meal plan she gave me for that week. She said, "Could you at least leave some food on your plate or share an entree with your friend?" I didn't think that question deserved an answer! Share an entree? Not me, and I can't remember the last time I left anything on my plate! If I even think I can't finish a meal, horrible images of starving children from India, Africa, or Mongolia, fill my mind. Then, worse than that, I picture the uneaten food, stuffed up my nose! My Daddy insists that he never threatened to stuff Lima beans up our noses if we didn't eat them but how could all four of us daughters have the same, identical unrepressed memory if it weren't true? Well, I digress. I'll post some pictures and anecdotes about our trip this week end. I really appreciate all the nice comments about the Tree Sprite. I have missed cruising all of your blogs and hope to get up to date this weekend.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tree Sprite

Dear Diary,

My momma sent me the Art Doll Quarterly magazine that this doll was in because I can't find mine. I know it is here somewhere but where? I made this doll to send in to Somerset Studio's Green Challenge but they sent it on to Art Doll Quarterly and published it in the show and tell section.

My Sock Monkey Mermaid (I'll post a picture of it another day) was published in the same issue! I had entered it in the sock doll challenge. When I got the magazine in the mail and saw the dolls I just about fainted. I saw the monkey first and then I was flipping through and found the Tree Sprite. I got right on the phone and called my momma! Then I called everyone else I could think of! What a high that was.

The Tree Sprint took a long time. I thought I was through with it several times. Judy , (my friend I met through the antique mall that is so creative, teaches classes, and just gets published all the time) gave me some good advise. She suggested I add allot of embellishments. So I did.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jenny C and Sixth Grade Sock Monkeys

Dear Diary,

No this is not a picture of a successful plus size model. This is actually a picture of me with one of the students I had the pleasure of working with before Christmas. She wanted a monkey so of course I needed to make her one. But that's not the reason for this picture. Can you believe how hefty I am! I would just say I'm big boned but that won't fly. There is too much meat on those bones! I forgot to do my hide the double chin pose! The other amazing thing about this picture is that this young lady snarled at me the first week or so I worked with her and she would dodge me if I tried to hug her and look at her now. I swear I could run away and join the circus and be a lion tamer.

The real reason for posting this picture is because I'm coming clean - I met up with my old friend Jenny three weeks ago and decided to call a truce. Her plan has changed a bit but I think for the better. Time will tell. The food is good but it is only enough for a skinny girl! The meal I had tonight had only four tiny pieces of chicken in it. Please tell me that is not a true portion. Why, I used to eat half a fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

I wasn't going to blog about it but it is bothering me that every time I go in they want to sell me something extra! Today was the ultimate though! She tried to sell me some package of goodies that included these shiny, pretty, inspirational rocks that I could put in my pocket and rub when I needed a little extra focus to stay on track to lose weight. I told her that I could remind myself for free by just reaching around and slapping my fat ass.

Dear Diary,

I know I've been chatting alot lately about monkeys but there is just so much to say about them! This year all four classes of sixth graders made sock monkeys. This is one of the students with his. This young man is the best! You can tell by his monkey that he has a great personality. He is quite the talker. He talks fast too. I can't keep up with him! I had to do "emergency surgery" on his monkey. His tail fell off and his leg and arm were split. He was losing stuffing fast! But as you can see in the picture, I'm proud to say he pulled through!

Monday, March 2, 2009

More Monkeys

Dear Diary,

These are a few of the latest monkeys. I put them in the chair and they kind of settled in like that. I like the way the green one's expression turned out. I sold one I had made from the red heel socks at my antique mall spot for $18.50 but after commission and a 10% coupon was taken off it came to about $14.00. I think I'd rather give them to friends if that is all I'm gonna get. I took these four in and three others last Thursday. I call them not yo grandma's sock monkeys. We will see how they do.